Does HoudahSpot have a search operator that can be used to omit terms from the Text Preview pane (in the Details window)?

For example, let's say that I have the following query: ST1 AND (ST2 OR ST3). Is there an operator that I can place in front of ST1, so that it's part of the search query, but is omitted from the text that is displayed in the Text Preview pane?

I ask because when I'm searching through PDFs for certain types of articles, there are often terms of art that get used repetitively. While these terms are critical for identifying the right class of articles, they're not always the precise terms that I'd like to quickly comb through in the Text Preview window. Depending on the number of times that they're used, they can almost render the Text Preview window useless (especially in situations where the highlight colors for the search terms displayed in Text Preview are not different, for whatever reason).

In any case, if there is not an operator for this, I'd love to see one added in the future! It would help make the Text Preview tool even better than it already is, and it would also probably speed things up a little (i.e., because when the operator is used, Text Preview will have less to display).

Thanks for your help!
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There is currently no way to achieve this.

I have noted it as a feature request. I am not sure if an operator would be the most appropriate solution. A control in text preview to turn off some of the search strings might be more easy to discover.
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Thanks for getting back to me @moderator, and for noting it as a feature request! I really appreciate it.

I love your idea of adding a control in Text Preview, as I’m sure it would be more user-friendly. Adding a search operator, however, would probably be a lot easier on your end though, right (e.g., a symbol not used by most boolean searches, like @ or #, etc.)? 

Either option would be great! Thanks!!

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