I am a new user with Houdahgeo. 

The main reason i bought the software, was export of original photos with geotagging from Aperture, which holds 8000+ photos.

But when i open HoudahGeo and click on "Photos" under my Aperture library, it can only see 1410 images. Does any one have an idea why?

Also, when i drag photos to "edit", it ask my if i would use "Time Zone" or "Clock Photo". Which should i choose?

My photos are mainly geotag manually in Aperture.  

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HoudahGeo relies on Aperture sharing previews and an XML file listing photos with other applications.
Please go to Aperture > Preferences > Previews and set "Share XML with other applications" to "Always".
Please report back if that does not help.

Photos taken using digital cameras are usually tagged with the time they were taken, but not with the time zone that time is expressed in. Without knowing the time zone this, HoudahGeo cannot determine at what exact time the photo was taken. This however is needed for matching times to GPS track logs. HoudahGeo thus asks you for the time zone and gives you several options for doing so. E.g. you may remember which time zone your camera was set to or you may remember the exact time one of the photos was taken. Please see the user guide for details. 

If you do not plan to use automatic geotagging and do not plan to write the adjusted time back to the image file, you can basically use any setting for time zone. Make sure that during EXIF/XMP export, the option to write the "Timestamp" is disabled. You don't want to write a dummy time / time zone combination to the files.


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Danm you are good !!!

The preview share was allready on "Allways", but i deleted all preview and made a new set with update.

Problem solved :)



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