It would be nice to have completely redesigned open and save dialog boxes. Through out all the versions of os x the open an save dialog boxes changed very little even products like default folder x just build on top of the established dialog box. I think the save as dialogs should not be focused on where you save a file but rather entirely on tagging the file. If a file is a image file you shouldn't have to tell it to save in the pictures folder it should just know to save it there automatically. Lightroom style tagging sets would be a huge time saver as would the Default Folder X recent tag sets feature. It would also work to provide tag suggestions as well. This would be where you would type in a tag and it would suggest other tags that that have been grouped together with that tag in the past.
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This sounds like a very interesting idea.

I would however think it is way beyond the scope of HoudahSpot. This should be a product of its own. Maybe an extension of Default Folder X.

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Yeah, I guess so, it's just that Default Folder X seems to be mainly focused on folders more then tagging and I don't know if they would be willing to change their focus. I hope they do choose to be more tag/search criteria focused and less folder focused.
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