Since I updated to Houdah Spot 5 a search started with the global hot key opens in a new window.
Is there a way to change it to open in a new tab (as in Houdah Spot 4).
I cannot find it in the settings.

P.S.: I like the new Icon
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Glad you like the icon.

HoudahSpot 5 follows your preference for “Prefer tabs when opening documents” set in System Preferences > Dock.
That of course affects all your applications

I have noted the feature request.
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Thanks, that works fine for me
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If I may pick up on this behaviour.  There are a couple of things that I don't quite like about the use of tabs.

1. Dock preferences don't seem to change the behaviour of HS.  Mine are set to "Prefer tabs when opening documents: In Full Screen Only".  But clicking on a different template in HS always opens a new tab.

2. If I open HS (or open a new Window), the HS window comes up with a default template chosen.  If I then chose the template I want to use, HS always opens a new tab.  A right click on the template only offers to open in a new tab (which seems to be the default behaviour).  I would like to just use the current tab for the new template, or at least to give me the choice to use the current tab.

And it maybe that my workflow with HS is not ideal.
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