Have just bought Tembo, I think it's a great tool. I do have a query though: 

I'm searching for an exact phrase in a PDF, say "and the", in Tembo. I get a few hits, so open one up in Preview. The next thing I'd normally do is search the PDF for occurrences of this phrase, and using Spotlight (at least when you open from the Show All window) autofills the Preview search box with "and the". However, Tembo autofills it with "and.

Is this behaviour because of the search mechanism of Tembo or is it something that could be changed?

Oh and it would be great to have the option of accessing Tembo from an icon on the menu bar.

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Thank you for reporting this bug.

It is probably too late to get this fixed in the Tembo 1.6 time frame, but I'll see to fix it soon after.

Pierre Bernard
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