In the previous version(s) of HoudahSpot, you could open up the OS quicklook window by simply hitting the space bar while a search result was highlighted.  This made it possible to look at the file with the formatting intact.  In Version 3.4, that I just downloaded, that option is no longer there.  Nothing happens when I hit the space bar, and the option does not appear to be anywhere.  As much as I appreciate the built in "QuickLook" that shows just the text with the keywords highlighted, sometimes I really want to see the file with the formatting (it's a quick visual cue that helps me figure out if it's the type of file I want (i.e. article, chapter, note, etc.).  Please bring this function back!  

p.s. I am still using Leopard (OSX 10.5.8), though I am planning on upgrading soonish!  
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Thank you for reporting this bug.

QuickLook is working fine under Lion. I am assuming this issue is limited to Leopard. I will investigate and provide a fix with the next update.

Pierre Bernard
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