Hello, I am thinking that Outlook 2011 cannot assign open meta tags and therefore cannot be included in HoudahSpot open meta tags found results. I Have tried selecting a message in Outlook 2011 and dragging It to the pop out HoudahSpot tray to the lower box for tagging. It wont react to the file being dropped on the tagging target at all. I Have looked in Outlook 2011 for any way to designate a message with (categories, yes, priorities, yes) but no tagging.

I am trying to make all of my tagging work together and so far this appears to be not possible with Outlook 2011. Have I Missed something here that will make this possible? It would be nice.

I am still usiong Version 3.9.9 (10028) of HoudahSPot since I am still using Mavericks. I will  look forward to an eventual update of my OS and an upgrade to the newest version of HoudahSpot.

I would hate to go back to Mail after enjoying Outlook, but if that is the only way to manage all of this, I might have to (I believe Mail will allow the use of Open Meta Tagging through a third party app if not as is).

Thanks for any responses.


PS - I can search though all the fairly cryptic names of Outlook files in the system folder and, once discovering the email I can drag that email over the pop out tagging window and give It an open meta tag name. But that is way too complex to do on the fly. Unless someone has written a third party app to do this or has a good tip?
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The reason the HoudahSpot Tray cannot tag the messages dragged from Outlook most likely is that Outlook does not actually let you drag the message files. It probably only shares a "file promise": If you were to drop the file into a Finder folder, Outlook would write a copy of the message file there.

I.e. the HoudahSpot Tray can only get the promise from Outlook to create a copy of the message. This is of no help for finding and tagging the original message file.

Please use the HoudahSpot Inspector window to see the metadata available for a given Outlook message file. You may find that Outlook has shared category names with Spotlight under a different name. E.g. as keywords. If so, you could search by that attribute name.

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