I am really enjoying Houdah Geo, thanks, and have recommended it to others.

One issue this week...I had a batch of photos which somehow got geocoded with the wrong lat/long. I don't know what happened, I had a good GPS track for the time they were taken, but they were about half a day/a hundred miles off. I'm not sure, but it seems that HoudahGeo only accesses the LAST? track in my Garmin Legend HCx, and maybe this was the problem; the photos were from 3 days of use earlier.

I was able to go to my backup photo disk, and geocode the same photos correctly, by selecting the precise dated GPS track I'd saved (which I'd copied off the GPS internal memory to a separate file on my computer.)

No matter what I do, it seems I can not modify the GPS data on the photos which had been improperly geocoded. In other words, loading the specific GPS track did not change the lat/long of the photos which had been improperly tagged. I put a "fresh" untagged copy of the same photo in the same project as one which had been improperly tagged earlier...the fresh copy gets a correct GPS location, while the wrong one does not change. Is it possible to modify a geotag once it has been applied to a photograph? I had backups so I'm OK but it would be nice to know how this works, thanks.
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You may force HoudahGeo to geocode photos by first selecting "Clear Coordinates" and then "Geocode all" from the "Geo" menu.

HoudahGeo will geocode based on the timestamp. If previous geocoding went wrong because you had specified an incorrect time zone AND if you chose to export timestamps when writing EXIF data, then the timestamp in the photos will be wrong and geocoding will fail again!

Many Garmin devices have a feature to save track logs. When doing so the Garmin device strips timestamps out of the track log. A thus modified track log is worthless to HoudahGeo. It will warn when the track log is imported.

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