is there away to permanently add a specific folder to the searchable locations??

when i go to my searchable locations there is a list my mounted network volumes.

if i want to search a specific folder in one of this network volumes - i scroll down the list of volumes to "other..." and from there i navigate to the volume/folder i wish to search

and that works great BUT its not permanent 

in the other words - if closeout of HS and go back that search pathway is gone and i must go back to "other..." and add that specific folder pathway

thank you in advance r260
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Search locations, like search criteria, result columns, sort order, etc. are part of the default setup.

To change your default setup:

1. Open a new window
2. Make the adjustments. E.g. add a search location
3. Select File > Save as Default

Please refer to the HoudahSpot User Guide for instructions for reverting to the factory default setup.
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thank you!

lol it was an obvious solution and i was overthinking it. thank you!
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