Now that Apple have announced that Aperture and iPhoto are being replaced by the new Photos application later this year with the release of OS X 10.10.3, will you be adding the Photos media browser to HoudahGeo?

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I hope to be able to provide a geocoding solution for the new Photos application.

The current beta still lacks interfaces for third party applications to update metadata. I.e. it would not see geotags added by HoudahGeo.

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Many thanks Pierre - I do hope Apple introduce a third-party interface before they release Photos.
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"Apple has said that Photos will be open to third-party extensions"[1]. As the final release approaches, my bet is that Photos beta will allow metadata access for third party applications.

"it appears that you can no longer manually assign geotags to images"[1] in Photos. A great opportunity for HoudahGeo to fill the gap. I hope HoudahGeo will eventually support Photos.

Of course HoudahGeo already supports Lightroom. Another reason to make the switch. Personally I'm still sticking to Aperture for the moment, and wait until Photos is released to see if HoudahGeo will be supported.

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You can, of course, use HoudahGeo BEFORE importing into Photos to geotag.

But even if you use referenced files there's no workaround to the problem mentioned, that Photos doesn't allow you to mess with metadata.

I'm not hopeful. Photos is obviously designed for iCloud Photo Library, and there isn't much (any?) way to geotag on the iOS end either.

Just seems like a mysterious omission, since it was in iPhotos. Maybe Apple is limiting what syncs via iCloud, I dunno.

All in all, there really aren't a lot of reasons to use Photos except for some of the adjustments, which are nice, or iCloud Photo Library, if you use that, and wanna pay for Apple's cloud services.
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