Setup: iPhoto '09, HoudahGeo, Canon Digital Rebel XS (aka 1000D) saving as RAW files (.CR2 format), Amod AGL3080.  Yes, I am tagging BEFORE I import into iPhoto.

I load my files in HoudahGeo, then load the track log file from the Amod.  Yes, my camera's clock is set correctly, and when HoudahGeo asks, I say that my time zone is "America/Los Angeles" (which is correct, I am in PST).  Everything tags fine.  Then I import to iPhoto.  The geotag data comes in just fine, but the files show up with a time stamp exactly 8 hours BEFORE when I actually took the picture (when I click on the little "i" information icon, or choose the "Show Extended photo info" menu option).  More specifically, in the "Show extended photo info" box, the "Digitized Date" is showing the actual date/time I took the picture, but the "Original Date" shows a date/time that is exactly 8 hours before that date.

This only happens with photos I geotag with HoudahGeo; if I just import pictures straight from my camera, both the "Original" and "Digitized Date" show as the correct date/time when I took the picture.

Yes, the clocks on both my camera and computer are set correctly.  Yes, my computer's time zone is set correctly.  (There is nowhere I can find on the camera itself to set timezone.)

Am I doing something wrong here?  What's going on?

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HoudahGeo writes timestamps in GMT timezone. It also writes out a tag indicating which time zone your camera was set to. Software reading the tags should adjust for this.

Is it iPhoto which displays the incorrect timestamp?
Does it fail to indicate GMT next to the timestamp?

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