I am checking out HoudahGeo and it seems like the program I am looking for but it doesn't seem to work as I want it to. I went and Geotagged a photo. I selected Write EXIF/XMP/IPTC tags. I selected the following options:


Geocoded images only

Tag masters /originals

Create copies


Now when I look at the original and copy in HoudahGeo, it shows the geotag into. However, if I take either of those photos (original and copy) and upload them to Picasa, Flickr, and iPhoto, it does not show any geotag information.


What could I be doing wrong? The solution I am looking for is an app that will write to my files directly so any app I put the images into will always show the location. I have another app that I am able to geotag from my cell phone to the photos, and it works great, but it also can be off on where exactly the photos are taken and can’t pin point the location like I can with HoudahGeo.

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This should work. Could you email me a sample image to check if it is properly geocoded.

The "Tag masters/originals" and "Create copies" are a bit of an odd combination.

"Tag masters/originals" means that HoudahGeo will work its way through the iPhoto/Aperture library to find the original un-edited version of the photo to tag that. It will then also offer the option to notify iPhoto/Aperture of the change.

The "Create copies" option creates new images rather than tagging the existing files. I.e. you will get copies of your un-edited photos. iPhoto/Aperture are not notified as its not their copy that is being tagged.

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What's the address I can email the photo to?

I also just noticed when looking at the photo in another program that reads exif data, there is not location data while HoudahGeo shows location data.
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I just sent an email to with the file.
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