as a brand new user of HG, I'm a little baffled by how to simply pick a location from a map.

The work flow seems rather cumbersome, involving jumping to Google Earth.

There isn't a built in map type picker?  (seemed like there was from screenshots.) How do I access it if so?

Also can I search for a location by a name (city, place, etc.)?  How, if so? 
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The first 3 buttons of the HoudahGeo project window toolbar are used to access the different steps / tabs of the geotagging workflow: Load, Process, Output.

Geocong happens in the Process tab. Here you will see the map cover most of the window.

The map has two modes: the read-only inspect mode and the geocode mode. The switch is at the top right of the map. In geocode mode you will have tools to show the location of the selected on the map and copy the current location to the selected photo.

Please refer to the HoudahGeo User Guide for details.


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