I get a problem quite often with HoudahSpot where .PNG images don't display the proper thumbnail previews. They just show's icon. It seems fine with other file formats.

If I do the same search or look at the same folder of images in Finder it shows the proper thumbnail previews. Have you heard of this problem before?
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That is quite odd.

AFAIK the image view should rely on QuickLook to get the images. The QuickLook plug-in for PNG is part of the standard installation.

Do you have access rights to these files?

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Yes, the rights look OK (but I'll run Repair Disk Permissions in Disk Utility, just in case).

It's a strange problem as if I see an image not showing the thumbnail preview properly in a HoudahSpot search and I open the image in the thumbnail will then display properly in the HoudahSpot. Also, if I have a search open and some .PNG images aren't displaying the thumbnail previews, if I open another different search that shows these images they'll appear fine in that particular search (but still don't appear in the other search).

Let me know if you'd like me to check or test anything else.
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