I am testing the trial version of Houdahspot and I have an issue in Quick Look. I've searched for email content and found it within Postbox emails, but unfortunately Quick Look doesn't show content, which happens with Mail. Any help is much appreciated.

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Quick Look relies on plug-ins to read proprietary file types. Usually Spotlight and Quick Look plug-ins are included with applications that define new file types.

Please check if you can preview the file using Quick Look in Finder.

If not, you are probably missing the Quick Look plug-in for Postbox files. Please contact the developers of Postbox to see if they provide Spotlight and Quick Look plug-ins.


Pierre Bernard
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Hi Pierre,

Many thanks for your quick answer. In fact, in Finder Quick Look doesn't work either. I will try to find the solution for that with Postbox support. 

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FYI, this the official answer:

>Because Postbox has not created a Spotlight Viewer because we currently use the mbox standard, which stores all mail in one >folder in one file. So if you quick look that file, you would see the whole folder.

>There is some discussion about converting to maildir format, which has one file per message. At that time it would make more >sense to create a Spotlight Viewer.

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