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Sometimes when importing the metadata written from HoudahGeo into photos already present in Lightroom Classic, any image edits gets overwritten. Which means that I have to go into the develop history and copy the edits from before the XMP import, then paste them back in after which is quite cumbersome. I could of course not touch the images before importing the geotags, but you know, sometimes I forget, and I also have presets I apply when importing images into Lightroom Classic.

Does anybody know how to avoid this?

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Did you have Lightroom write metadata to XMP before processing the image in HoudahGeo?

I can't really be of much help as I don't actively use Lightroom. What I do know, is that metadata edits in Lightroom are lost if you don't write these to XMP before making further edits in HoudahGeo. This is quite logical. HoudahGeo edits or creates an XMP sidecar. When Lightroom reads that, it does not know what changes you want it to pick up and merge with changes made in Lightroom. It reads the whole file and replaces the metadata it has in the catalog. Thus you first need to make sure the XMP sidecar is up-to-date with changes made in the catalog.  After editing the XMP using HoudahGeo it will have the exact information you want to see in the Lightroom catalog.

I don't see how that could link to losing image edits. I don't think these are saved to the XMP sidecar. But still, worth mentioning.
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