usually when i get my gps data out of my Holux I do this by connecting it via Bluetooth download it with HoudahGeo from my Macbook.

On my last journey I had a Windows netbook with me and used the Holux Software. With the standard settings the Holux software creates a .TRL (Holux) file and a KML (Google Earth) file.
At home I converted the KML file with HoudahGPS to a GPX file. HoudahGeo imports this GPX file without errors but there is no indication that a route was imported (bottom part of main screen). The gps data for tagging is also not available, when I import pictures.

However when I convert the TRL to a GPX file with the Holux Software in windows and import this one in HoudahGeo it works.

I compared the code in both files and the structure is a little bit different what probably results from the different data set used in the KML for Google Earth.

It is no problem for me now that i found a workaround but it would have been easier via HoudahGPS conversion.

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The problem is that converting to KML loses timestamps.

The KML format has no standardized field to store timestamps.
Timestamps are, if at all present, stored in text comments.
Recovering timestamps from there is close to impossible.

I would recommend you keep your TRL files for use with HoudahGeo.
If you wish to archive your track logs, I recommend you convert them to GPX.

Pierre Bernard
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I see.
Will do that from now on then.

Thanks for the fast reply.
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