I've recently downloaded the new version of HG, 2.2.3 (2248), and have been trying to test the Lightroom integration, but without any luck. I have checked the options in the preferences: Preload photo libraries & Load Lightroom library. The library loading window appears on relaunch, but then it just stays for ages and doesn't disappear. After reading other posts I checked in the library browser, and it seems to have finished referencing the Lightroom catalogues, but it continues to "parse". For reference I have several LR catalogues, one of which is large and spans multiple discs, but I suspect this is irrelevant.

For now I have reverted to old behaviour without integration, but it would be good to try if I can get it working.

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Please download the latest version of HoudahGeo. Version 2.2.4 should improve performance of the library parsers.

Pierre Bernard
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