I have a problem selecting templates from the menu bar (BlitzSearch).

If I click on the menu bar icon & then click on a template nothing will happen (the template won't open).
If I click on a template from the Templates menu in HoudahSpot (between 'Query' & 'Results') it works fine.
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Sorry to hear you are having troubles.

Could you please verify that you have only one copy of HoudahSpot on your Mac?
Once you are sure of this, select "Remove this Menu" from the global menu. Now go into HoudahSpot preferences and tick the option to enable the global menu. It should re-appear.

If this does not solve your problem, please check the logs in /Applications/Utilities/ for any HoudahSpot error messages and report back.

Pierre Bernard
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Removing it & then adding the menu bar item worked thanks
(I also checked & only have 1 version of HoudahSpot on my system).
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