I am having difficulty in exporting GPS metadata to Lightroom.

I followed instructions in the HoudahGeo User Guide (page 6) to Geotag images hosted by Lightroom. This seemed to work well but coordinates and elevations would not display in the GPS field of Lightroom's Library module for more than a third of the images outputted.  I know that the metadata is present in all of the images because these images when uploaded to independent websites are properly tagged. I am sure that this is a Lightroom problem but, so far, no one from Adobe has found a solution.

One comment and a one questions.

1.  According to Adobe, Lightroom will accept sidecars for raw images but not any other format.  The instructions in the Guide suggesting to "force" Lightroom to accept sidecars should be clarified on this point.

2.  As a possible workaround, I thought that I would process the images first and import them to Lightroom as the last step.  I loaded the images directly from my camera's memory card and loaded the track logs directly from my GPS Device. In the Output module, all 134 images displayed coordinates and elevations.  I selected EXIF/XMP Export from the command bar and in the Output dialog window, I selected the top 3 boxes and chose to write Coordinates and Altitudes only.  Everything worked well and the progress bar indicated that the images were processed.  I imported these images to Lightroom and all but 5 of 134 are displaying coordinates and elevations.

Does anyone have insight on this issue?



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Hi Jim,

Can you check if there are XMP sidecar files in the folder where the images are stores?

HoudahGeo gives sidecars precedence over image files. If you have an image named IMG_1.jpg and a sidecar named IMG_1.xmp sitting next to it, HoudahGeo will read from and write to the sidecar file. During EXIF/XMP export you have the option to override this behavior. If you select "Bypass XMP sidecars", HoudahGeo will write to the actual image file. If you select "Always write sidecars", HoudahGeo will create sidecars where these are not yet present.

Can you email sample images to One image that is read correctly by Lightroom and one that is not.


Pierre Bernard
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Thank you Pierre.

Generally, I import images from the memory card to Lightroom.  These images are saved in a folder (dedicated to images) under my Home folder.  Lightroom catalogs and backups are saved in a separate folder next door.  I have checked both of these folders and there are no .xmp files in either folder.  A search of my hard drive found a half a dozen .xmp files that are pretty old.  I have not selected either of the two sidecar options in the Output dialog window.

I sent two images via e-mail 30 minutes ago.

Thanks for your help.

Jim Gonsman
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