I have just started using HoudahGeo (Version 1.4.9) and I am pleased with it, but I am having problems with portrait orientation photos in iPhoto08 even though landscape photos are fine. I first process photosin the Bridge CS3 component of Photoshop Elements 6 in the following order: rename, geotag and add Keywords . When I import the files into iPhoto the Keywords of the portrait orientation files are missing and so is the minus sign in front of the longitude. Without changing anything in iPhoto the "Show Original File" and "Revert to Original File Options" are available. If I choose "Revert to Original" the minus sign is restored, but the Keywords are still missing.
I would appreciate any help or suggestions.
Doug Jenkins.
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Sorry to hear you are having troubles.

I am baffled. I however suspect a bug in iPhoto. If you inspect the photos in, do they look right. Does the inspector window show the correct coordinates?

BTW, what file format are your photos?

Pierre Bernard
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Hello Pierre,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

My files are all JPG.

It seems that iPhoto modifies photos with portrait orientation as it imports them after they have been processed with Bridge. The modified photos look fine and if I "Show info" in iPhoto the longitude seems correct i.e West of the meridian, but in Google Earth and the inspector window of they are shown as East of the meridian by the correct angle.
If I "Revert to Original" in iPhoto this problem seems to be corrected and I can add Keywords again as well as edit in photoshop with no further problems.

This procedure seems to have worked on all the files tested so far.

Thank you,

Doug Jenkins.
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