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Wish list for future HoudahSpot to recognize PSB files when searching for images.

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"PSB is a file extension for an image file used by Adobe Photoshop. PSB files are a large document format similar to a PSD file but for a larger image size."
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MacOS uses UTI (Uniform Type Identifiers) to classify file types. Files however only come with a file extension. The system then maps the extension to a UTI and thus fits the file in the type hierarchy. E.g. a mail is also a message which is also a file.

Applications that bring new file types to your Mac need to claim the file extension, declare a new UTI and tell the system how that fits into the type hierarchy. Ultimately Photoshop needs to tell macOS that .psb maps to a UTI that is "conforms" to the "public.image" type.

On my Mac, running Photoshop CS5 there is no mapping between .psb and a UTI. Thus the system makes on up. Such a UTI starts with dyn. That is what you see in HoudahSpot as Content Type. The system cannot know where to fit this in the type hierarchy.

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