Hi all,
I am looking to buy the above mentioned GPS tracker.
Does anyone have experience (good or bad) using that device?
I know this site recommends the BT-1300. THe only reason for me to potentially go with the 1000X is the extended battery life.
I don't know if there is any technical difference between those two (except the 1300 doesn't require drivers for the Mac)

My planned setup is:
-Mac only, although I have Parallels with XP if I need to do an occasional setup on the GPS. But preferably usage under Leopard only.
-(iPhoto '09)

I was thinking 2 two planned usage combinations:

BT-1000X in Nav Mode connected via Bluetooth to my iPhone.
To be used with Google Maps for occasional navigation
to be used with the Trails Iphone App. Have Trails perform the route logging and then export the data to HoudahGeo.

BT-1000X in Log Mode. Then use BT747 app to export the data to HoudahGeo

Any thoughts?

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I don't actually know if the BT-1000X will need drivers or not. If you can get BT747 to connect to it, you should also be able to get HoudahGeo to connect to it.

In the end, this is not of much importance. As long as you find a way to extract GPX or NMEA track log files out of the device, you may use those with HoudahGeo.

Pierre Bernard
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Thanks Pierre
I went with the BT-1300 in the end. Just to be on the safe side...

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