I wanted to ask a question before I buy your software. I am working on a project to talking aerial pictures of a river. I want to be able to product a KMZ/KML file of those photos. However, I want the KMZ/KML file itself to be small, therefore I need to link to the photos that I have hosted on another server.

I like your software because it places all the photos automatically vs. having to manually place them using the Google Earth interface, my question is will your software facilitate what I need for this project?

Thank you for your help!


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KMZ files are self-contained: the image files are included within the KMZ archived.

KML files just point to the URL of the images files. Hosting them is your responsibility. Upon KML export, HoudahGeo will ask you were the images are/will be stored. HoudahGeo however makes the assumption that all images are in the same location. It also makes assumptions as to the directory structure.

Please try the demo version to see if these assumptions work for you.

KML files are XML files. You may edit them with a text editor to make adjustments to the URLs as written by HoudahGeo.

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Hi Pierre

Thanks for the quick response.
I understand hosting the photos is our responsibility, I am working on where we will host them. All the photos will be in the same location, ie the directory structure will be the same, so that should be easy if the program does that for us.

I will give it a try today via your demo version and let you know how it goes.

Thanks for the quick response!



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