1) I loaded a couple hundred photos, and the photos that had GPS information already stored from a camera-attached GPS had an icon that looks like a clock merging with the planet, presumably to show the time was derived from a GPS data instead of an internal camera data.

Next, I loaded my GPS tracks to fill in the photos that did not have embedded GPS information, and it then seemed to automatically fill in the GPS (lat/long/altitude) with information from the GPS.  However, it did not add the icon, which I think makes sense.  I'm just not sure what EXIF field the program uses to make that determination.

Am I interpreting that icon correctly?

2) After I do the reverse geotagging, and update the location data, I didn't see a button to explicitly save the photos with the new EXIF data.  I clicked on the button that saves EXIF data.  That seems to be updating files.   It also appears to be to not updating the file modification date (which is what I want).

Again am I interpreting things correctly?

3) Finally, the program seems modal between load, process, and output.  Is the only difference between the modes the content of the menu/ribbon at the top of the program?
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1. The time zone badge is shown when time zone information was found in the exiting metadata. HoudahGeo often can infer camera time zone from the GPS timestamp recorded by GPS cameras. Thus the images tagged in camera show the badge.

2. To write geotags back to image files, select “Export to EXIF/XMP”. In the list of options for the export you can check “Create Copies” if you’d rather create copies of the files.

By default, HoudahGeo 5 preserves the file creation date, but updates the file modification date. You can enable the option to preserve the file modification date in HoudahGeo > Preferences > Advanced.

3. The 3 steps are there to guide through the geocoding workflow. Each step shows the information and toolbar buttons relevant at that point in the workflow. The steps only change the layout of the window and toolbar. You are free to skip around between steps. Actually all commands are always available from the menu. E.g. you may chose to “Export to EXIF/XMP” from the Process menu while still in the Load step.


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