I was using quicklook on some movie files (worked great) but tried it on audio files and got the dialog in the attached file which says "Can't load Display Bundles"

The only thing unusual about my itunes folder is that it is in my shared user file. Quicklook from the finder on those files worked fine. Click image for larger version - Name: Picture_1.png, Views: 9, Size: 31.56 KB
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This is a known limitation. For now there is not much we can do about it.

QuickLook is a private API which Apple recommends against using in third party applications. Thus no support is available. It so happens, that the audio plug-in is compiled for another memory management technique than what is used in HoudahSpot. Both being incompatible, that very plug-in is not loaded.

For now, HoudahSpot users will have to resort to using "Reveal in Finder" and invoke QuickLook from there.

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thanks. didn't see that question posted on the forum.
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