I have a Qwerty keyboard on both my iphone and my mac and yet they seem to switch characters. Example: q becomes a and vice versa. Is there any fix to this?



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The “hardware keyboard layout” setting on iPhone must match the keyboard layout selected in Type2Phone.

In Type2Phone, you can select the keyboard layout using the menu attached to the flag icon in the top right corner of the window.

On iOS you can check “hardware keyboard layout” in the Settings application once Type2Phone (or another Bluetooth) keyboard is connect to the phone.

On iOS, the hardware keyboard layout is linked to a software keyboard layout. I.e. if you switch the on-screen keyboard on iPhone to a German layout, it expects the hardware keyboard to also have a German layout. This can to some extend be adjusted in iOS keyboard settings.

When the on-screen keyboard is set to Emoji, iPhone expects the hardware keyboard to have a US layout.

You can switch the iOS keyboard layout using the Type2Phone menu item Special > Switch iOS Keyoard Layout. E.g. if you left your iPhone on the Emoji keyboard.

If you prefer, you can set iOS to use an US hardware keyboard layout while continuing to use a German, French, etc. layout for the on-screen keyboard. Set Type2Phone to also use a US layout. Type2Phone will take care of “translating” input from your actual keyboard to the US layout.


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