I would like to know how filter/rank search results by relevance or the frequency of occurrence of the search item  (number of matches) 
Am I missing something or the application does not provide this functionality at all as Fox Trot does? 
Thanks in advance for your feedback
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HoudahSpot does not have an option to rank results by frequency of occurrence of the search item.

You can sort results by name, date modified, date last opened, etc.
You can see search terms highlighted in text preview.

Pierre Bernard

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To add to what Pierre has said:

HoudahSpot uses the index built by Spotlight (part of macOS).  Querying the Spotlight index does not provide results by relevance or frequency.  So it is not possible for HoudahSpot to to rank results by relevance.

For the searches you require then FoxTrot or DevonThink are the way to go.  

But, as a sometimes user of DevonThink, I must admit to being disappointed by its search - rather cumbersome to use and relevance ordering not good enough.  I find HoudahSpot easier to use and its results can be tuned by using multiple search criteria.

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