I would like to set Cmd-O as the keyboard shortcut to open a selection within the results.  Try as I might, I cannot train my muscles to remember Ctrl-Cmd-O.  The Finder, Path Finder, Adobe Bridge and a few other apps I use regularly all use Cmd-O to open a selection of files.  HoudahSpot is the odd app out.

Unfortunately, Cmd-O is already in use for opening a saved search.  I know how to create shortcuts for commands that don't already have a shortcut, using a shortcut that is not already in use, but that doesn't help me in this case.  Is it possible within OS X to reassign the Cmd-O shortcut in HoudahSpot to "Open Selection?"  If not, would it be possible to add a prefs setting or somehow enable users to assign Cmd-O to "Open Selection?"  I'm sure I'm not the only one who stumbles over this!
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The choice of keyboard shortcuts is dictated by the fact that HoudahSpot is a document-based application. The cmd-O shortcut is traditionally reserved for opening new documents.

You should nonetheless be able to change the shortcut using the Keyboard System Preferences panel. You would first assign an alternate shortcut to "Open Saved Search…". This is to prevent a conflict of shortcuts. Then you may assign cmd-O as the shortcut for "Open Selection".

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Thanks, Pierre.  I reassigned "Open Saved Search..." to Cmd-Opt-O, and the assigned "Open Selection" to Cmd-O.

It's interesting that you describe HoudahSpot as a "document-based application."  I have always thought of it as a supercharged version of (or replacement for) the Finder, with saved searches and templates being "presets."  in that context, Cmd-O to open a file/selection makes sense to me (as does Cmd-I for Get Info).  Different strokes for different folks.

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