Do you guys have a list of recommended GPS trackers that work very well with Mac OS and your software?  My last GPS Tracker does not work with Mac OS [frown]
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I recommend you get a device that needs no driver: one that works as USB pen drive and can be accessed from the Finder.
This feature is often called “USB Mass Storage Device/Mode”.

Or one that has a removable SD memory card that you can access using Finder. 

I use the Wintec WBT-202 device, but that has been discontinued. 
The Canmore GP-102+ appears to be a good choice:

From the HoudahGeo User Guide:

For the use with HoudahGeo, you need a device that has a track logging feature. This is available in most handheld receivers. Car navigation devices however usually do not have this ability.

Key properties to look for in a GPS track logger:

  • Does not need an extra driver. Ideally mounts as USB pen drive

  • Writes log files in a format supported by, or comes with Mac software to convert the logs to standard GPX or NMEA. Other options for converting log files include applications like HoudahGPSGPSBabel, or LoadMyTracks.

  • Removable battery if you plan longer trips without access to power

  • Removable memory card if you plan longer trips without your laptop. A removable SD card also has the advantage of fulfilling the first requirement 


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