Hi, I just bought the AMOD Photo Logger. After a mismatch with time I have it now working perfect!
But... The pictures which were mismatched with time, and have the the wrong coordinates embedded, are even after clearing the coordinates and Geo-coding with the right coordinates not changed to the new ones.

I work with LightRoom 2. Drag the pictures from the LR Library to the HoudaGeo window. Then I clear the coordinates (which were wrong), I Geo-code with the right coordinates, I can see in HoudaGeo the right coordinates, I save these pictures to the original files, then I import the meta-data again from the original files into LR, but the old (wrong) coordinates are still there.

Is there a way to edit that?

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Your procedure should work.

I am unfortunately no Lightroom expert. I suspect it does not read the new coordinates.

You may test your images by dragging them to a new HoudahGeo project. There you should see the new coordinates.

Pierre Bernard
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