I have inadvertently geocoded a number of JPEG images with the incorrect coordinates, and I cannot find a way of removing the geocoding from within HoudahGeo. Unfortunately I don't have reliable coordinates for the locations in question, so instead of overwriting with new ones, I would like to simply erase/remove the geocoding entirely from those images. Is there any way I can achieve this with HG? I suspect I may have to resort to trying EXIFTool from the terminal, but wanted to check here before going down that route.

Thanks, Stan
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Unfortunately, there is no way to remove coordinates using HoudahGeo. That's one of the reason why EXIF export defaults to creating copies rather than working on the originals.

You will have to use EXIFTool at the command line: it is included within the HoudaGeo app bundle.

Please let me know if you need help with EXIFTool.

Pierre Bernard
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Thanks for the quick reply Pierre. In fact I realised I was using an old version of HG, and on upgrading to the latest version (1.4.11) it seems to have done what I want. I did the same thing as I tried before, clearing the coordinates and exporting metadata. On re-importing the metadata in Adobe Lightroom it appears that the GPS coordinates are now gone. Running a quick "exiftool -a -u -g1 ..." on an image file shows only a single remaining reference to anything GPS, under the XPM-exif section:
GPS Version ID:
The ExifTool version I'm using is that bundled with this version of HG (i.e. v7.23)

Hopefully it's sorted out now, but it might be a feature worth adding to HG in future.
Thanks, Stan
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