First of all, thanks for type2phone, it's the best 5 bucks I have ever spent in the app store!

I just realized in 1.3 the special F6 key isn't assigned to anything, first I'd thought maybe we could use this key to bring up the switcher for multitasking, but you could do this by just pressing twice the F4 key, then I tried to maintain the F4 key pressed hoping it would bring up Voice Control/Siri but type2phone just send it as key repeat. I'm sure iPhone 4S users would appreciate if we could use F6 key to bring up Siri
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Thank you for the feedback.

With the current implementation, the F-Keys are indeed send as quick presses (and repeats). There is no way to press and hold.

Type2Phone sends the F6 key as is. iOS indeed currently makes no use of this. Individual apps may however react to it.

Bringing up Siri would indeed be a nice addition. This is probably done best by re-implementing F-Keys to be able to send press and hold.

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