I live in the UK and here the database of address names are kept under lock and key by a government dept, nothing new. Which in contrast to the USA, where its all freely available, and I bet other countries also.

I used to be a Windows user and used RoboGEO, the guy said that there might be a trick to getting the street names from Google Maps, but he didn't know how to get the data from the address bar or something, the same with the developer for HoudahGeo.

So what's the story on that?
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I am still investigating possibilities for street level reverse geocoding.

Actually the largest problem here being that the HoudahGeo file format does not provide storage space for this information.

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Huh, your program doesn't do something? Surely you can fix that?!

Street level is the feature I really want, I tell you what I'll make another (more evangelist than how-to) video if you do
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