I’d like to be able to connect to my iPad while my Mac is in full screen mode on a different app (e.g., take notes on Evernote on my iPad while reading a PDF in full screen). Since T2P is a Dock application, it immediately switches to a new space when I switch to it. 1Keyboard, a competing (imo inferior) app, does offer menubar functionality which I find quite useful.

Any chance T2P can add this?
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Being able to cmd-tab in and out of Type2Phone is, in my opinion, one of the many advantages Type2Phone has over its competitors. I.e. it is very easy to switch between typing in a Mac application and typing in an iOS application. Type2Phone handles connecting and disconnecting automatically.

I do understand that this is disruptive when working with full screen applications on the Mac.

I am not sure yet what would be the best way to integrate Type2Phone with full screen applications.

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Thanks for the reply! For what it’s worth, I have T2P mapped to a bunch of keyboard keys: opt-esc to switch between it and the last app, and then opt-F1,F2,… for my favorite devices. I do this with a combo of applescript and keyboard maestro, but I find this to be much more useful than cmd-tab, since I usually want to just switch between whichever app I’m using and T2P, regardless of which app I was using before the one I’m currently on.

Hope this makes sense? Regardless the option to run it in the menu bar would be nice, that way Dock people can stick with the Dock?
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Pierre, couldn't you make it an option to run as a menu and/or a window? I personally run Type2Phone in collapsed mode all the time, and the window is way too large for that. Just a small square window would be enough for my tastes. A cool option would be if that window could float, i.e. stay on top of all other windows. An (old) example of that would be Stuffit Expander.
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