First post, so please excuse any missteps.

I have two macbook pros, one with a wonky screen. I access wonky-screen machine using the built in screen sharing app over bluetooth. 

I'm unclear on how to make HS search both hard drives  (wonky and not-wonky) using "user mounted remote disc". On the search screen under location I choose "remote disc" but nothin shows up on the file list side, although I am connected to the wonky screen machine. 

What am I missing?  Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.
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You need to actually mount the drive of the wonky Mac so you can browse it in Finder on the working Mac. See Apple’s instructions.

Basically you need to enable file sharing on the wonky Mac and then connect to it using Finder. The wonky Mac should actually appear in the Finder window sidebar under the Shared header. Select it and click the Connect… button. If that does not work, refer to the Apple document to find the name or address of the wonky Mac and use that to connect.


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