Hi there,

happy Tembo User since 2012, Updatet to Tembo 2 (Appstore) recently.

However, seems like that since the latest OSX Update Tembo does not search over all Volumes including externeal ones anymore. I can't recall 100% but I am quite sure it did that on my Macs before. I didn't have to use any extra settings.

So how do I enable a Volume wide search including all my external SSDs, RAIDs etc?

I don't want to CMD click on any Volume to get that included every time.

Thank you
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This is a limitation of the App Store version of Tembo 2. The App Store requires applications to be “sandboxed”. This implies that Tembo has to ask your permission before it can search a volume. It thus cannot automatically expand a search to all volumes.

The direct-download version of Tembo 2 has an option to search “Local Volumes"

You can download Tembo from and replace the copy you got from the App Store. Simply move the existing copy aside or to the Trash. Do not use cleaning apps to uninstall Tembo. The newly downloaded version will detect that you had the App Store version installed and will run fully licensed.

Pierre Bernard
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Thank you!

That worked perfectly.

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