Here's what I'd like to do: find files based on the name of their parent folder. Is that possible? 

I regularly import audio files from a source where I don't control the folder hierarchy or naming conventions ... the audio files themselves have very generic names, but the folders they're in have more explanatory names. If I find all audio files whose parent folders follow a certain naming convention, then those are files from my import source ... otherwise, they're not. 

I looked through the HoudahSpot options and found Document Container as an option, but clearly I don't understand what that is because it allows only exact matching against something I can't figure out. I can't , for instance, search by Document Container's name contains "LoopSet" or such. 

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Unfortunately the Spotlight engine does not allow for searching by parent folder name.

What you can do is run your search and then use the filter field in the top right corner to filter by path.

You may also try a two-step search. First search for folders. Then drag the results to the "Where" pane of a new search to search for the actual files.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try those! 

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