Hi all,

Due to an office 365 restriction, any emails older than 365 days are archived then deleted. Therefore I need a mechanism to archive these emails to a flat-file structure. What I'm looking at settling on is export them to an eml file format and then search them using Houdah Spot.

My question, therefore is, what is the best file format to archive them off to so that Houdah Spot can still search the metadata and contents of the file (email)?

I've found Houdah Spot isn't searching the contents of an eml file on trying it out?

Hope that makes sense?

Environment details:

HoudahSpot = Version 5.0.11 (Build 16543)
MacOS = 10.15.3 (Catalina)

Thank you in advance
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HoudahSpot searches the Spotlight index. This relies on importer plug-ins to extract metadata and text content from different file formats. Typically such importers are installed with the system or with applications that introduce new file formats.

The Apple Mail application can export .eml files. Apple, however, does not provide a Spotlight importer to index these files. I believe the MailMate and EagleFiler applications include such importers. EagleFiler also may be a solution to your archiving problem.
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Thanks for this clue about "eml"! I had thought I lost a bunch of emails due to a quirk in an app called Postbox for Mac, but which now seem available through placing the "eml" in Houdah's Refine box, and my lost email-person in the top-left box, while these are currently invisible to Postbox app, despite rebuilding there. Excellent!
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