Dear all!

In order to ensure full GDPR compliance - I am desperately looking for a way to search my complete MAC documents folder for files (*.docx, *.xlsx, *.pptx mostly) that contains text with a specific pattern - ie. a Swedish personal identification number. It consists of six (or eight) numbers, then "-" and then four additonal numbers: example: 881004-8765 or 700321-5517 - (can also be stored with year in front: 19881004-8765) 

I have tried to use Alfred, HoudahSpot and other built in search engines without success. But I guess I am not just clever enough. 

Can this be done with HoudahSpot? Text content seach with pattern ******-**** gives way to many hits.

Really looking forward to your reply and assistance!

Best Regards, Daniel

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I think I have found a solution - by using a RegEx expression in my search I am able to find the pattern I am looking for. Unfortunately HoudahSpot does not seem support RegEx search patterns (yet?) - Possible to implement in future releases maybe? Would make a super application even more super!!

More info regarding RegEx expressions, incl. possibilities to test various expressions:

Enjoy summer! Daniel
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Unfortunately, there is no way to use RegEx to search the Spotlight index.

You'll probably have to resort to a two-step solution. Find candidate files using HoudahSpot and then feed those through a tool that uses RegEx to match the content.

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Thank you for a swift reply!

All the best!

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