I realize this is an unusual request, but with the restrictions on searching mail in Catalina, I wonder if you might be open to allowing HoudahSpot to search MailSteward archives.  I do understand such archives are sqlite databases, but with a documented API, integration shouldn't be overly difficult.  White MailSteward works well, its search interface is neither elegant nor snappy.  You also can only search one database at a time.  I suspect HoudahSpot could do better.

Please consider this feature request. 

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HoudahSpot is a file search tool: all search results are files. Files that have a path, can be copied, can have file tags, etc.

HoudahSpot would not know how to list entries found in an SQLite database. It could not let you copy these and save the copies as files. It could not let you assign file tags.

"Shoebox" type applications that hold all data in a library or database can use a "trick" to make the database entries available for searching by Spotlight and thus HoudahSpot. The application can create proxy files in ~/Library/Metadata. Each such file represents one item in the library database. The file just needs to hold a way to identify the record in the database. Then the application can provide a Spotlight importer plug-in - like any application working with a custom file format would - to process these proxy files. During Spotlight indexing, this importer would locate the referenced record in the database and share text content and other metadata with the Spotlight index.

HoudahSpot will then be able to find and list these proxy files. This does have its limitations though. E.g. though the files can be copied there is little purpose to doing so. These files do not hold any actual data.
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houdah is saying it gently.  But to put it more bluntly, it is up to the developer of MailSteward to make data available to Spotlight using kludges (proxy files in ~/Library/Metadata).  This is the approach used by DEVONthink to expose its database to Spotlight and hence to HoudahSpot. You really need to talk to MailSteward's developer.
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