Excellent tool that fills some big gaps in OS X functionality! Apologies if this has been asked before...

1) Can i view search results in column view? Example, search on folders, i need to see the contents of folders. Sure i can exports as a smart folder, but prefer to stay in search results.

2) Finder has 'New Folder with Selection' items upon right click. Would be nice to have this capability in search results.

3) Is there any way to get reference to the selected items from search results using AppleScript? I was hoping to pass reference to these items to perform some AppleScript actions. This type of thing is possible with Finder in Automator using the 'Get Selected Finder Items' - it passes reference of selected items to the next action, eg rotate all selected photos.
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1. There is no column view. You can double-click folders to open them in Finder. You can double-click items of the path at the bottom of the window to open parent folders in Finder.

2. You can select Copy or Move from the Results menu and create a new folder when picking a destination for the files

3. You can get the results or selection of a document (HoudahSpot search) from Apple Script. See page 33 of the user guide. You can save your Automator actions as services and they will appear in the Services menu of Finder and HoudahSpot

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