I used (Sierra) to be able to include Apple notes in my HoudahSpot searches by including ~/Library/Containers/ in my HoudaSpot Locations.

Since I installed High Sierra this no longer works.

Spotlight (via Command-Space) included Notes in the search results.

Finder searches do not include Notes.

It would seem (correct me if wrong) that Notes are now entirely in a database and so only searchable via an API (I am guessing).

Has anyone found a way of included Apple Notes in HoudahSpot searches with macOS High Sierra?
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It appears that Apple has moved away from using individual files for individual notes. Thus a file search tool like HoudahSpot can no longer be used to find notes.

Pierre Bernard
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Grrr.  Just when I had decided to use Apple notes because they were searchable in HoudahSpot.

Thanks for confirming, Pierre.
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