I am a new user to HoudahSpot. I think I am going to like it very much.

I am trying to search for a Text Phrase in my DEVONthink Pro documents, however, no matter which way I have tried to find a particular phrase I do not get the text phrase. I get each individual word that I have typed which I don't want, but I don't get only the phrase that I do want. With DEVONthink I am used to enclosing a text phrase in double quotes, and from what I gather with HoudahSpot you do not use the quotes.

So, can someone please help me with this?

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To search for a phrase you can use the "contains phrase" option. In the Refine pane:

"Text Content" "contains phrase" "a phrase to search for"

Do not type the quotes.

For this to work the phase must exist as is in the text content of the file. You can use the Text Preview feature in HoudahSpot to see what the text content of a file looks like.

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Thank you very much! That was most helpful. However, I used the search as you suggested and when I did, in the results I still got highlights for each word in my search phrase, including the search phrase. What helped was when I clicked on the Text Preview feature. When I did that then I found each instance of the phrase I entered, and it was highlighted as I would have expected. But, that is not as nicely formatted and easy to read.

So at least Spotlight seems to be working, but perhaps it's something about the way DEVONthink Pro stores the text file.

If you have any further thoughts, let  me know. I do plan to ask DEVONthink Support about this to see if they have any ideas.

Thank you again.
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