Hi all, I'd like to be able to export mail to an external hard drive and then be able to search for mail with HoudahSpot as needed. Right now my mbox exports are coming out as one mbox file that HoudahSpot can't seem to look into. I'm assuming I'm exporting incorrectly from Apple Mail but I'm not sure. Is there a recommended way to export mail for HoudahSpot from Apple Mail?

Thank you!
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Apple Mail stores messages in .emlx files within .mbox folders. These files are indexed and can be found by Spotlight.

Exported mailboxes are saved as .mbox folders containing a single mbox file. These do not work well with HoudahSpot: since all messages are bundled in a single file, you could at best get that single file as a search result.

One option would be to copy the live .mbox folders from ~/Library/Mail before deleting messages from the Mail app. The .emlx files would remain searchable. AFAIK the .emlx files lack the attachments. Apple Mail stores these separately.

Apple Mail can also export individual messages as .eml files. Unfortunately the Mail application does not provide a Spotlight importer for .eml files. You will need to install one for the text of these messages to be indexed and become searcheable in HoudahSpot. I believe the MailMate application includes a Spotlight importer for .eml files.


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Thank you Pierre! THat's helpful. I'll probably just move the messages over from the Library. I save most attachments in Evernote so that's not a huge issue.

Thanks again, 
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