I'm looking for a way to find and open files with similar names from a group of files that are in a folder.  Basically - I receive a folder with low-res images (JPEGs) of files that were created in PhotoShop (PSD), which I need to open the original PSD file. Low res files have same names as original, but has the word "Comp". The locations of the PSD files are spread out over multiple folders/sub-folders. 

JPEG = 13REGS230 Mordistare.jpg
PSD = 13REGS230 Mordistare Comp.psd

Any suggestions?
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I currently can't think of any good solution.

There are certainly ways of getting the desired results by scripting HoudahSpot, but that seems like overkill.
A shell script invoking find or mdfind should be sufficient.

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