As a new user of HoudahSpot I want to use it to find tagged files. I have a large amount of PFD files tagged by YEP. When using the query Tags contains ..... these are not showing up in HoudahSpot. Am I doing something wrong
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Different tools use different techniques for tagging.

Many just add the tags to the "Spotlight comments". You can see those "tags" in the Finder's "Get Info" window. In HoudahSpot you will search for "Spotlight comments".

Others create their own Spotlight attribute. In HoudahSpot you may use the "Other…" option to view a list of possible criteria. Locate the one used by your tagging tool.

You may also use HoudahSpot's inspector window to see all attributes of a given file. It should thus be easy to locate the Spotlight attribute used to store the tags.

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