In various places it is mentioned that HoudahSpot can only search Spotlight-indexed volumes.

However, through a forum post I discovered that in HS's "Where" section, there is an option "User-mounted remote volumes". When I enable this, HS starts searching on my mounted volumes, none of which are indexed by Spotlight??

Also, indexing on mounted volumes can not be enabled through Spotlight's System Settings. There is no information in Apple's help for Spotlight, yet, there seems to be some "secret handshake" to do this that no one mentions.

Can somebody enlighten me?


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Indexing remote volumes is not a good idea. Spotlight would need to "download" each file on the drive in order to run it though the importer.

Remote volumes may be indexed if they are attached to Mac that takes care of indexing. E.g. if you have a Mac mini running in a cupboard, the drives it shares are indexed and searchable when mounted on a remote Mac.

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