I just wanted to thank you for sorting a knotty problem for me. I may well have been doing something wrong with Spotlight but I could not find a way of allowing a full file search on my NAS.
Could not find a clear answer in your forum before purchasing... but unless, I have just been lucky, choosing "user mounted remote volumes" just works. I have not found a way to limiting the search to a particular share or directory, but this is a huge step forward anyhow. Could not achieve this with Mac OSX 10.6.4 on its own.
Seems odd to me, that Mac has not come to terms with indexing files remote to the local machine. Thanks for the solution.

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The requirement for being able to search a remote drive, is for that drive to be indexed by a compatible version of Mac OS X.

From the Where…->Other menu item you should be able to navigate to a directory on that drive and restrict your search to that directory.

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