using Version 5.1.9 (Build 13931) I'm observing that a multi-segment GPX path is recognized with the first segment only. For subsequent segments the information is ignored.

I'm recording gpx information on iPhone using app, which allows you basically to stop recording at one point and continue recoding in a new segment (e.g. after a break). This will create multiple entries of <trkseg>...</trkseg>.

I was observing HoudahGeo to recognize those images of a first segment only, however.
When I edited the gpx file to remove all occurences of exactly "</trkseg><trkseg>" (therefore having only one segment effectily), HoudahGeo recognizes the the geolocation for the remaining photos as well. 
To me it looks therefore like HoudahGeo treats the first segment of a gpx file only?

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HoudahGeo should load the track segments. The tracks list should show the number of segments in the track.

Can you please email a sample file to support at houdah dot com?


Pierre Bernard
Houdah Software s.à r.l.

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Sorry for late response,
I just emailed a file where the issue was observed with.
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